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Mongolian Adventure Tours

In Mongolia, blessed by a rich, natural landscape, various kinds of outdoor sports activities are promoted. Mongolia is one of the best places in the world to see by bike and hike. Since 2005, Alpha Team Tours award winning small group camping and multi-sport adventure tours have hosted thousands of travelers to Mongolian National Parks and protected areas. Rooted in decades of Mongolia tour guiding experience, our trips explore the wilds of Mongolia while providing our guests with the opportunity to choose the activities they wish to engage in at each of our destinations. Because you can’t experience Mongolia Indoors.

What is an Alpha Team Tours small group camping tour?

Our fully guided, small group camping tours (ONLY 10 max. per trip) travel to Mongolia’s National Parks and protected areas and tent camp at beautifully located campgrounds. Some tours feature a night or two at a hotel/lodge for convenience and logistics. All tours include a full time Mongolia Outdoors guide; top of the line camping equipment; comfortable transportation; almost all meals; and decades of expertise to ensure your safety, enrichment, and comfort.

What activities do travelers experience on our tours?

Each of our Mongolia adventure tours features an interactive, adventurous outdoor experience. Following is a sample of some of the activities that you can experience on our tours. YOU choose what YOU want to do and we’ll make it happen. No previous experience necessary.

Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, River rafting, World class fishing, Mt. biking, Horse riding, camel riding, self driving and much more!

Who travels on Alpha Team Tours’ tours?

Our trips are suitable for first time campers and seasoned outdoors persons alike. Trip participants come from throughout the world and from all walks of life. All of our guests share a love for the outdoors and a spirit for adventure. Single travelers, couples, families, groups of friends, school groups, and organizations large and small have all enjoyed our trips.

What do Alpha Team Tours guests have to say about our tours?

Our travel itineraries offer both guided and self-guided trips for hikers from all experience levels. Our knowledgeable and experienced guides bring you through the areas they know best. Safety is our top priority. We have checked out our partners very carefully! Our professionals have years of experience and will look after you during all sports activities. Since the adventure program will be adapted to the weather conditions, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that it will be possible to carry out all activities. We need to be flexible in adapting to the situation, and we request you to do the same. We have surveyed hundreds of our trip participants over the years. They consistently tell us that they…

  • Appreciated our knowledgeable and informative guides
  • Experienced a well-rounded exposure to Mongolia’s diverse landscape
  • Enjoyed the adventurous activities and liked that they had a choice of what to do
  • Had great wildlife sightings
  • Enjoyed camping in Mongolia and that camping was more comfortable than they expected
  • Appreciated our organized, thoughtful, and experienced approach to travel
  • Liked their fellow travelers
  • Felt like our tours are outstanding value
  • By all accounts we have exceeded our guest’s expectations over the years. Don’t take our word for it

Want to learn more?

Our approach to Mongolia travel has unique benefits, not common to traditional Mongolia tours. Please take some time to look through our website to learn more. Then, give us a call, or send us an email, we would be happy to discuss our offerings and Mongolia travel in more detail.

It is small enough to cross comfortably in a week. Its hills are challenging without being intimidating. And its remarkably varied landscapes mean that the scenery is constantly changing. Trek and explore the most renowned trekking destinations and discover the hidden gems of the spectacular mountains of Khan Kentii (in eastern part of Mongolia) and Khangai (in central part of Mongolia) Mountain range.

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