Bike Trek

Bike Trek

Welcome to Bike Rider! The Travel Gobi Mongolia promotes cycling tours for health and recreation. For 4 years, Travel Gobi Mongolia has been offering various bicycle tours through unspoiled villages all over Mongolia; while staying in luxury ger camps, eating travelers’ cuisine and tasting natural dairy products. We offer over different bicycle tours in 4 separate areas, making the art of leisurely bicycle trips rewarding and memorable.

For the more adventurous people, we arrange long biking trips. We are best undertaken and an experienced tour operator providing professional guides and bicycle equipment as well as the necessary supporting 4WD vehicles. The various bicycles that they rent out to the tourists mountain bikes. All kinds of bicycles are available for tourist rental, and tourists have a wide variety of choices based their own special needs. According to the Travel Gobi Mongolia, there are three pricing standards available when renting bicycles, which they encourage the tourists to make use of. Every year from June to Sept, a special premium price is offered. Most of the bike paths are fairly wide, appropriate for cyclists at any level.

What is the weather going to be like in Mongolia?
June, July, August and September in Mongolia usually bring clear, warm, and pleasant days with fresh evenings. Rain is rare here, but always a possibility, so be prepared with the proper rain gear.

How should I tip my guides?
If you appreciate the service your TMG guides provide, we recommend each guest provide a gratuity of anywhere from 50 to 100 USD per guide.
What is the average daily mileage?
The average daily mileage is about 30-35 miles (50-60 km). There will be daily options for riding additional, or fewer miles.

How should I pack?
Please limit your luggage to one medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on. Try not to over pack; you will not wear all your clothing! A suggested packing list is enclosed.

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