Camping Experience

Camping Experience

Camping Experience

We offer guided Mongolia adventure vacation packages; camping tours, wildlife tours, river rafting trips, hiking adventures, multi sport tours and adventure tours throughout Mongolia.

Our small group camping and multi-sport adventure tours are perfect for first-time campers and seasoned outdoors persons alike.

We use established campgrounds at or near national parks and protected areas as our home away from home while we explore Mongolia. This approach to travel allows us a greater degree of freedom and flexibility than if we had check-in times and rigid itineraries that are common to many Mongolian adventure tours.

Explore Mongolia with like-minded people who enjoy the benefits of traveling with a small group and knowledgeable guide while actively experiencing Mongolia. Travel to Mongolia with Alpha Team Tours and discover why our camping tours in Mongolia consistently sell out.

Small Group Camping Tours

Our small group camping tours camp in and near Mongolia’s national parks and protected areas. Our days are filled with exploration and adventure as we enjoy the greatest multi sport adventure tours in Mongolia. Our evenings continue with the luxuries of camp life; marshmallows by the campfire, evening walks through the woods, and those beautiful Gobi’s sunsets shared with new friends. The camaraderie that develops among a small group while camping in the outdoors can’t be beat. Travel to Mongolia with Alpha Team Tours camping tours and discover a wild and natural place without the confines of rigid itineraries and walls to insulate you from the Mongolia you came to experience.


All of our trips feature excellent hiking opportunities each day. Hike along crystal clear creeks, view spawning salmon or climb towering mountains for sweeping views. Exploring Mongolia by foot is one of the most rewarding experiences available in Mongolia.

Multi-sport tours

If hiking and canoeing aren’t enough to keep you busy there are a variety of additional optional day trip adventure tours at each of our destinations. These activities are offered to you by the tour operators that are the local experts of the places we visit. Of course, we have our favorite activities based on years of experience and will gladly make recommendations. We’ll bring you directly to the tour operators (they know us well) and can even get you a discount most of the time. Our experience has been that this approach to travel in Mongolia is very cost effective, and it allows you to customize your tour as you wish.

Most Mongolian tour companies include some of these same activities in their itineraries. They then contract with local companies to conduct the trip and pass the cost (and more) along to you. They do this in order to offer an “all inclusive trip”. What you get is an overpriced tour with a rigid itinerary and no opportunity to explore at your leisure.

See our individual tour descriptions for optional tour prices and compare with other “inclusive tours.” You will find our trips to be an excellent value. With our help exploring Mongolia is easy, fun, and affordable.

Some of the additional adventure tours available depending on your chosen itinerary:

River rafting: There are a lot of rivers in Mongolia and no matter which itinerary you choose you will have the opportunity to raft on both whitewater and scenic rivers.

World-class fishing: For the anglers out there, consider fishing the waters of the North Mongolian Rivers for taiman.

Mountain biking: Rent a mountain bike and ride into wilderness. Or take the bus in part way and ride back.

Horseback riding: Local stables offer the opportunity to explore Mongolia by horseback at several locations.

Feel like going for a hike? Go for a hike. Go for it! Your guide will offer suggestions as well as make all of the arrangements, leaving you free from the hassles of researching, booking and logistics. They know this great land well and will enrich your experience with their knowledge and skill.

Optional activities are merely suggestions and do not include all of the possibilities. All activities may not be available at the time of your tour. Contact our office for more information.


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