Mongolia Adventure Tours

Mongolia Adventure Tours

Alpha Team Tours small group (only 10 max) adventure tours explore Mongolia’s world famous National Parks and protected areas.

Our trips adventure by day, and camp outdoors by night, with an emphasis on active, experiential travel. At each of our destinations you will have the opportunity to customize you’re trip by choosing from world class outdoor activities. Hike on a glacier in West Mongolia, view steppe wildlife and river rafting, world class Taiman fishing and more- the choice is yours.

Our trips offer an enriching and very economical adventure travel option in Mongolia and are outstanding value!

2017 Schedule
Our camping and multi sport tours have been designed to highlight Mongolia’s intact ecosystems, abundant wildlife and adventurous day tours located near and within Mongolia’s national parks and protected areas. We camp at least two nights at most locations, with occasional hotel or tourist ger camps thrown in, allowing us time to get to know these areas and to participate in a variety of different sightseeing and adventure tours.

  • Each Trip Features
  • Small groups (only 10 max)
  • A full time professional guide
  • Comfortable transportation
  • All but a few specified meals
  • Beautiful campsites
  • Entrance to National Parks and protected areas
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Lots of great hiking
  • Access to outstanding adventurous activities
  • Great wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Active experiences
  • Flexibility and great value!


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