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In Mongolia, blessed by a rich, natural landscape, various kinds of outdoor sports activities are promoted. Mongolia is one of the best places in the world to see by bike and hike.

It is small enough to cross comfortably in a week. Its hills are challenging without being intimidating. And its remarkably varied landscapes mean that the scenery is constantly changing. Trek and explore the most renowned trekking destinations and discover the hidden gems of the spectacular mountains of Khan Kentii (in eastern part of Mongolia) and Khangai (in central part of Mongolia) Mountain range. Our travel itineraries offer both guided and self-guided trips for hikers from all experience levels. Our knowledgeable and experienced guides bring you through the areas they know best. Safety is our top priority. We have checked out our partners very carefully! Our professionals have years of experience and will look after you during all sports activities. Since the adventure program will be adapted to the weather conditions, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that it will be possible to carry out all activities. We need to be flexible in adapting to the situation, and we request you to do the same. We hope you understand!


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