Outdoor in Mongolia? Why?

Outdoor in Mongolia? Why?

Outdoor in Mongolia? Why?

Alpha Team Tours offers Mongolia adventure tours that emphasize Enriching experiences that are Economical, Adventurous and Flexible.

Mongolia- one of the last remaining large scale wilderness areas on Earth. Wild animals roam free, rivers flow naturally, and mountains tower over an immense landscape. Mongolia offers an experience unlike anywhere in the world and travelers to this special place are rewarded with memorable encounters with wildness and beauty.

The question is: What is the best way to experience Mongolia? What type of trip to take?

We have refined a concept in Mongolia adventure travel that takes advantage of the unique qualities that Mongolia has to offer. And in the process, have created a travel experience that offers several benefits.


Our small group camping itineraries explore the biotic regions of Mongolia from South Central Mongolia to the vast Mongolian interior. Led by a knowledgeable guide, who will share with you the stories behind the sites, our approach gets you out there experiencing some of the most wild and beautiful places on Earth.

  • Avoid the crowds of conventional Mongolia adventure trips
  • Actively experience Mongolia throughout your vacation
  • Learn about what makes this landscape so unique and interesting
  • Long summer days allow for exploration outdoors- why come all the way to Mongolia to spend much of your time indoors?


Traditional, lodge or ger based vacations can be expensive due to the high costs of running these facilities in Mongolia. Also, most traditional trips include all activities in your itinerary leaving you few options to explore at your leisure. Our approach to Mongolia adventure travel is different.

  • Our camping vacations are much less costly than hotel or lodge-based trips.
  • Choose and pay for only the activities you are interested in, a very economical way to travel.


You can be as adventurous as you like. There are lots of outdoor adventure trips available at each of our destinations.


Each of the parks that we visit features a variety of world class Mongolia adventure trips offered by local tour operators. We will offer our professional recommendations about what to see and do (based upon your interests and our experience) and will make all the logistical arrangements leaving you free time to relax and enjoy your trip. Much of the time we can get you a discount! Or relax by a stream and read a book, visit local museums, or wander through gift shops, the choice is yours. Let us know what you would like to do and we will make it happen! Our trips offer an enriching, economical, adventurous, and flexible approach to adventure travel in Mongolia. We have refined our itineraries based on years of experience, and our past clients’ feedback, to create travel experiences that are seamless and lots of fun.


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