If you work with us …

  • We are really happy to invite you for tourism business partnership in Mongolia.
  • It will be our desire if you want to maintain business relationship with us.
  • Make a new joint-venture production
  • Effective business

Make a new joint-venture production. It is our desire that, in cooperate with foreign travel agencies, we discover new product in the tourism market of Mongolia. Otherwise, we are friendly and eager to build up new routes over Mongolia, in cooperate with you. Afterwards, we can introduce it to the tourism market in your country.

Effective business It is our pleasure to announce that we will be really happy to receive invitation for cooperation, from tour operators and travel agencies over the world. We’d build up a bridge enter to ‘nomads world’, in cooperate with you. We are the one of the tour operators which offers customers the most option able tours. You can sell our tours at your travel agency. Through our personal researches, we found out that it, traveling to Mongolia, provides tourists with a great opportunity visit to China and, in converse, it, traveling to china, provides too, tourists with another great opportunity visit to Mongolia for completely different civilization. It can have more competitive price as compared to that of other travel agencies offers tourists.

Don’t worry, we are the open minded team. You can trust us that we can work out all problems.


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