The team

The team

Hello? It is our pleasure to (Guys from Mongolia) wish you good luck.

Our company staff are well-experienced and professional tour operators, constituting and registering a new company officially on 09 December 2005. Our team has 9 members. Our most outstanding feature is that we are playing for all types of tourism activities in Mongolia. Our business is divided into 2 general areas: Inbound and Out-Going tours. We also organize domestic tours and a series of accommodation services over the country. Since the first days, we have been expanding our business, and we prefer to cooperate with our clients closely to ensure mutual satisfaction. For customers, our motto is ‘the customer must be our king’. Even tough it is spoken that tourism industry in Mongolia just has been introduced due to different social organizational strucutre, the number of tourists coming to Mongolia is increasing year by year indicating that reason attracts tourists, and destinations and attractions are really unique in the world. A real refuge of nomadic way of life, pristine and untouched nature, and great history, all of which you are able to see only in Mongolia. Therefore, we, the staff of Alpha Team, invite you to join us.

Ganzorig Tsogtoo – General Manager
Hello. I am Ganzorig and graduated from Educational University of Mongolia, majoring as tourism manager. My hobby is to collect Nature Photos. Best success for me is that I awarded with silver medal from all schools’ geographical Olympiad when I was in the secondary school. I think that I am well experienced manager in the tourism business. For my team, I am responsible to relationship & cooperation. The tours that I organize: Gobi treks, fishing tours.

Enkhjargal Batsukh – Marketing Manager in USA
Economist and speaks with 5 foreign languages, Enkhjee plans the company’s all marketing policy. He loves fishing and spends most of his break by fishing. That’s why he travels to Lake Khuvsgul twice a month in summer while he is living in Mongolia. Record for his ‘fishing success’ is that once he could catch a taimen length 1.25 meters. But he says that ‘I am not realized my dream. I want to break it. I will get all of lakes and rivers which are potentially for taimen, in order to realize my ‘real’ dream.

Erdenebayar Altangerel – Health, Safety Officer
His responsibility is that he ensures our tourists are ready for healthy and all trip’s safety induction performed well as tour starts. He loves to recommend that ‘everybody should try to climb over High Mountains, everybody should go on ski, and everybody should make a friend to pristine nature’.

Born in UB. Since taking over Alphateam., he still organized many adventure tours to Altai Mountain ranges. He enjoys traveling through central Mongolian high plateaus and shares his time at the company, to develop corporate policy for much better customer service and to make sure all of tours being taken place according to the company’s business regulation.

Erdeneshan Namjiltseren & Binderiya Natsagdorj – horse trek
”Hi. We are really happy to take tours through Khuvsgul Lake’s region, the top destination for tourists coming to Mongolia. We already tried to ‘seek most beautiful spots’ of the area and would say that come to Khuvsgul, we will be ready to guide you for ‘World’s Last Incredible Wonders’ that is being kept here. Also, we will take you on our boat for beautiful places”.

They are the most professional guides of our company. Since they were on their 4th grade of University, they have been still working for the company and already could work considerable to term ‘professional guides’. They handle our map off road’s expeditions and horse riding tours. Especially in the western Altai region, they don’t need to have map and anything that other guides find needs to use. Ask them if you would know more about snow capped Mountains, glacier and eagle hunting etc. what you want.

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