Tour Activities

Tour Activities

Tour Activities

Each of our Mongolia adventure tours feature an interactive, adventurous outdoor experience. Following is a sample of the outdoor activities that you can experience on our tours. YOU decide what YOU want to do and we’ll make it happen.


The hiking in Mongolia is outstanding. There are excellent hiking opportunities wherever we travel throughout the state. From casual strolls to strenuous climbs and sweeping vistas, we’ll recommend a trail to match your interests and fitness level. You will have a variety of opportunities to get onto the trails each day of your trip no matter which itinerary you choose. Strap up your boots and go camping and hiking in Mongolia!


We’ll paddle the banks of the rivers in search of wildlife and solitude. The views are outstanding and the tranquility of the water is superb. Rafting is a simple and elegant means (and one of our favorites) of exploring areas not visited on foot. We’ll supply all of the equipment and the expertise.

Additional Included Activities

Each trip we offer includes at least 1 day of pre-scheduled activity. These are a few of our favorite trips and are included in the cost of our trips for your enjoyment.

Multi-Sport Adventure Tours

For the adventurous, additional optional activities will be available. Your guide will explain these options to you in detail during your trip. No previous experience is necessary to participate in ANY of the multi-sport adventure tours that are offered on our trips. Depending on your chosen itinerary, in addition to great hiking and canoeing, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of optional day trip adventure tours.

  • Great Hiking
  • White Water and Scenic River Rafting
  • Mountain Biking- great single track
  • World Class River Fishing
  • Horse trek, Mongols are horses nation
  • Camel trek and More!

Or relax by a stream and read a book, visit a local museum, or wander through gift shops. The choice is yours. Optional activities can be arranged in the field by your guide. We know many of the local tour operators well and can usually get you a discount!

Your guide will offer professional recommendations about what to see and do (based upon your interests and our extensive experience) and will make all the logistical arrangements leaving you free time to relax and enjoy your trip of a lifetime. Plus, they’ll tell you the stories behind the sites, prepare some of the best outdoor cooked meals you’ve ever eaten, and will take great care to make sure that your trip to Mongolia is all you dreamed.

If you’ve never been camping before you will be surprised how comfortable and easy camping with Alpha Team Tours can be. Whether you are a seasoned outdoors person or a first time camper you will be impressed with our excellent camping equipment, efficient systems, and comprehensive pre trip planning. We’ve thought of all the details. You just show up ready for a great camping and multi-sport adventure tour.


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