(15 days) Biking: North & Central Mongolian Challange

  • Travel through Mongolia in a slow-paced, ecological way that local nomadic herders will understand and appreciate
  • Ride a bike in Central Mongolia – one of the most scenic and lush regions of the country
  • Enjoy idyllic beauty of Mongolian landscape and spend your nights under clear, starry sky
  • Meet nomadic families and get a feel of Mongolian herders’ lifestyle
  • Visit historical sights and monasteries
  • Experience the professional service of Alpha Team Tours

Mountain biking allows to experience Mongolia’s pristine nature and magnificent landscape in a unique and ecological way. Traveling on a bike gives an opportunity to enjoy a dreamy journey through the countryside, while meeting local nomadic people and getting a glimpse of their still very traditional lifestyle.

Trip Duration:     15 days
Group Size:      6-12 people

During the trip you will ride your bike through the fertile green valleys and woody slops of the Khangai mountain range. Each day you will have to climb 2-5 mountain passes and cross several streams. Only up to 20 km out of 406 km long route will take place on an asphalt road. During the rest of it you will follow local ground roads and use distinct wheel-ruts to make your ride slightly easier. On the way you have multiple occasions to meet Mongolian nomadic families and their large herds of livestock, including goats, sheep, and yaks. You will also visit several important historical sites such as Kharkhorin, the medieval capital of the Mongol Empire, have a chance to relax and rest on the banks of Orkhon River, and to soak in local hot springs. While this trip may seem challenging, those of you, who love off-road biking, will love it.

During the trip you will travel at easy slow pace, cycling 6-7.5 hours per day, with an hour long break for lunch. You will stay on a mixed terrain, including steppe, mountain passages, and river valleys. Majority of roads you will follow will be ground unpaved tracks, although there will be some short sections you will spend on main asphalt roads. The tour will be supported by 4WD vehicles carrying camping equipment, personal baggage, and additional personnel such as cooks who will prepare and serve your meals during the whole trip. Camping facilities will also include a toilet and a shower tents. While camping you will stay in pairs in two-person tents provided by our company. However, you should bring your own sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Bicycle rental is included in the price of the trip. Our company will provide you with it. But, if you prefer, you may also bring your own bike.

Travel distance:     Total of 540 km, including 9 cycling days, and a rest day
Daily Cycling Distance:     40-65 km (25-40 miles) per day

Clients who decide to book the trip for the first half of July will be able to participate in the famous Nadaam Festival! Please contact us for more details.

Please let us know should you have further inquiries! We are looking forward to assist you with organizing your stay in Mongolia and answering any questions you might have about this tour. We want your holiday experience in Mongolia to be as amazing as it is possible.


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Day 1. 

Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar you will be transferred to a hotel to rest and relax. Depending on the time of your arrival you will have several hours to explore the city on your own. In the late afternoon you will meet with your tour leader, who will take you to the Ulaanbaatar train station for an overnight train to Erdenet, Mongolia’s third largest city, famous for housing one of the largest copper mines in the world. Overnight in comfortable four – person train compartments.

Day 2.

Upon early morning arrival to Erdenet you will meet the rest of our crew and support vehicles. After a short drive through the city you will stop briefly to eat breakfast and set up the bicycles to start the first part of your ride. You will stop for lunch in a small village of Bugat, from where you will cycle further, through a fine pine forest, and over a mountain passage leading to a palace called Taliin Tolgoi. There you will set up your first camp.

Today distance: 50km; total distance: 50km
Overnight in tents

Day 3.

After breakfast you will cycle through a hilly countryside dotted with multiple white gers – traditional dwellings of Mongolian nomads. Further on the way you will reach the banks of the Altan River, where you will stop for a picnic lunch. The area used to be volcanically active, and the terrain still bears traces of the past eruptions. From the river banks you will continue cycling up the mountain pass of Tuluugiin Davaa, where the pine forest gives way, if only for a while, to a rolling grassland.  You will proceed further, up to the extinct volcanos of Uran and Togoo, at the foot of which you will set a camp for a night.

Today distance: 70km; total distance: 120km
Overnight in tents

Day 4.

Today you will proceed further through the Mongolian countryside, passing on the way numerous gers and herds of livestock. For lunch you will stop at the Eagle, a rocky outcrop in a shape reminding this magnificent bird. After the meal you will cycle further, along the southern slope of the Khairkhan Mountain (1862m), and set a camp in a small natural dip beneath another mountain pass, the Kholboogiin Davaa (1649m).

Distance 55km; total distance: 175km
Overnight in tents

Day 5.

You will start the day from a ride up the Kholbogdiin Davaa. From there you will descend towards an idyllic river valley spreading beneath and a tiny town of Khairkhan. After cycling for another 10 km you will reach a small lake where you will stay overnight.

Today distance 45km; total distance: 220km
Overnight in tents

Day 6.

You are now cycling through the Khanuin River Valley. The ride here should be quite easy, since the valley has a network of smooth ground roads, connecting numerous nomadic households located in the area. Feel free to stop as often as you want to interact with herders or take a break and fish in the river. Today you will set your camp in the upper part of the valley, in the vicinity of the Chingeltei Mountain.

Today distance: 55km; total distance: 275km
Overnight in tents

Day 7.

In the morning you will ride towards the banks of the Tamir River where you will stop for lunch. After the meal you will load your bikes on the support vehicles and drive through the ford to the other side of the river. For those of you who wish to try a more adventurous option a horseback ride to the other side can be arranged. You will set a camp on the banks of the Tamir River, not far from the Taikhar Chuluu – a 20-metres high granite rock, covered with numerous inscriptions in various languages, which date back to different historical periods.

Today distance: 50km; total distance: 325km
Overnight in tents

Day 8.

Today you will cycle only for the first half of the day. Your destination will be a beautifully located campsite near the town of Tsetserleg. Do not count on resting though. The 25 km you will have to cover today will start with a short but steep ride uphill (300m), towards a mountain passage. From there you will make a long descent towards Tsetserleg. After setting up a camp at the banks of the nearby river, you will be given the rest of the day to relax and rest. You can try swimming and fishing in the river, or head straight to the town to explore its entertainment options.

Today distance 25km; total distance: 350km
Overnight in tents

Day 9.

A relatively short morning ride will take you to the foothills of the Khangai Mountains. The area is covered with rolling hills, covered with thick larch and pine forests. On the horizon you will be able to see lofty peaks of the higher mountain ranges. Around noon you will reach your today destination – the hot springs of Tsenkher Jiguur. Instead of camping you will be staying tonight in a local ger camp where you will be able to enjoy a long soaking bath in the hot springs and a night in traditional Mongolian ger.

Today distance: 25km; total distance: 375 km
Overnight in a ger

Day 10.

Starting today your route will take you deeper into the Khangai Mountains. You will follow local ground roads leading you through picturesque valleys inhabited by yak herders. Your camp will be set tonight in a forest at the foot of the Ondor Khairkhan Mountain (2312m), almost in the heart of the Khangai Range.

Today distance: 60km; total distance: 435km
Overnight in tents

Day 11.

In the morning you will continue cycling though the Khangai Mountains.  Your route will take you today to the upper part of the Orkhon River Valley. The valley is inscribed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List as representing evolution of nomadic pastoral traditions through the centuries. The area includes numerous archaeological remains, including the ruins of the Karakorum, the capital of the Mongol Empire. You will camp overnight at the banks of the Orkhon River.

Today distance: 60 km; total distance: 485km
Overnight in tents

Day 12.

A rest day in the Orkhon River Valley. The area is extremely picturesque, and full of archeological sites, so you may want to explore it on foot. You can also try some fishing or making friends with local herders. You will stay overnight in the same camp as the night before.

Today distance: 0; total distance: 485 km
Overnight in tents

Day 13.

You will proceed along the Orkhon River, towards the town of Kharkhorin where the city of Karakorum used to be located. Upon arrival you will check in a local ger camp, and have some time to rest and take a shower. In the afternoon you will explore the local history museum and Erdene Zuu, the largest and most famous Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Erdene Zuu was built in 1586, on the ruins of Karakorum which was destroyed in by Chinese troops two centuries earlier. Although the monastery suffered greatly during Stalinist purges of the 1930’s, the still existing outside walls and several temples still remind the times of the prosperity.

Today distance: 45km; total distance: 540km
Overnight in a ger

Day 14.

In the morning you will pack your baggage and bicycles on the supporting vehicles, and leave for Ulaanbaatar. On the way you will stop briefly at Moltsog Els, picturesque sand dunes stretching across the steppe barely 70 km away from Kharkhorin. Upon arrival to Ulaanbaatar you will check in a local hotel, and have some time to enjoy the comfort of civilizationJ. In the late afternoon you will be taken for a cultural performance, and farewell dinner.

Today distance: 380 km in a car
Overnight in a hotel.

Day 15. 

You will be transferred to the airport or the train station for your departure flights or trains.

Please, be aware that this itinerary is flexible, and changes may occur due to weather or other unpredictable occurrences. Flight schedules can be altered with little or no advance notice. We will make every effort to realize the itinerary the way it was designed, but it may change for reasons beyond our control. If such changes occur, your patience and understanding will be highly appreciated.


This trip has 2 departures. 
Trip Dates: Start Date     End Date
26 Jul 16       11 Aug 16
13 Aug 16      28 Aug 16
Pricing Options: Solo traveler:  1860 usd p.p
2 people:          1750 usd p.pSingle Supplement: 260 usdRide price is set, guaranteed and final at the time deposit is paid.
  • Well known tourist ger camp, twin or double share
  • Three meals in a day and mineral water
  • Air conditioned off road vehicle
  • English speaking guide service
  • Round trip domestic flight
  • All entrance & activities costs
  • All camping gears (sleeping bag etc)


  • Gratuity for staffs

Cancellation Policy:

Minimum fee (non-refundable) 20 usd
1-2 days prior to start 50%
3-6 days prior to start 80%

Scheduled dates don’t fit your schedule? Have an idea for an alteration to the itinerary? Contact our customs tour team to make your ideal holiday a reality.

Specific for the trip

The route
The trip is recommended for confident and physically fit cyclists, who are looking for a challenge and an adventure. The route is demanding and requires the participants to cover over 230 miles / 370 km within seven and half days. The cycling will take place on a variety of terrain including gravel and ground roads, riverbeds, steppe, mountain passages etc. However, reward for an adventurous spirit is immense – you will get a lifetime of memories that only a handful of people will share with you!

During the trip you will be under care of a local English-speaking guide. If a group includes more than ten participants, another guide will be added. All our guides have a vast knowledge on Mongolian history, culture, and religions, and will gladly share it with you. There are also trained in first aid, and are experienced cyclists able to handle various minor repairs en route.

While cycling you will be accompanied by an air-conditioned support vehicle(s) which will be always available for tired cyclists. The vehicle(s) are specially adopted to the requirements of a cycling tours. It is very easy to load the bicycle on and off the car, so you can rest whenever you feel like it.

Age Requirement
You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this tour.

Bike Rentals
Bikes available for rent on this tour (must be reserved at time of booking): Mountain bikes: 24- or 27-speed with front suspension

The bikes will have FLAT pedals. If you want to bring your own pedals, please bring your own shoes and also the necessary equipment to change the pedals.

We recommend that you bring or buy your own helmet for safety and hygiene purposes. Wearing a helmet is compulsory on this tour.

Trip Arrangement

Group size and trek crew
The maximum number of participants for this trip is 14. The participants will be accompanied by the Alpha Team Tours’ tour leader, a local guide and several members of a Mongolian trek crew, including camel handlers with their animals.

During this trip the group will spend 3 nights in Ulaanbaatar in a comfortable and conveniently located hotel and 10 nights camping in tents. The accommodation during the whole trip is allocated on twin sharing basis and if you join our tour by yourself you will be paired with another single participant of the same sex. If you wish to book a single room in Ulaanbaatar, please contact us to check the availability and price of the accommodation. It is also possible to rent a one person tent for the rest of the trip for an additional cost of 45 US $ (Please note that the cost of renting a one person tent cost does not include single rooms in hotels).

Tourist Ger Camps
Gers used in tourist camps are the traditional felt dwellings. Each ger is furnished with a stove and a set of furniture such as beds, a table and stools. Normally ger accommodation is based on double occupancy. All ger camps have a restaurant, western style toilets and showers. Staying in one of them will allow you to have a taste of the traditional nomadic lifestyle, while enjoying some comfort after a long day of driving.

The Mongolian diet is based mainly on meat and dairy products, although vegetables are starting to gradually play more important role in the local diet.

The price of the trip includes all meals while on trek and a farewell dinner in Ulaanbaatar. Majority of your meals will be prepared by accompanying you chef (s). The meals will be a mix of Western and Mongolian dishes and include plenty of fruit and vegetable. Typical breakfast will consist of cereals, toast and a hot dish. Lunches, eaten majorly on the road, will include sandwiches and salads. Dinners will be a variety of vegetable, meat, potatoes and pasta dishes. Meals for participants with special dietary requirements can be arranged if requested in advance.

During the trip you will have numerous opportunities to try a variety of dairy products available at local herders’ households. Please be aware that they may cause you some mild stomach aches, simply because Mongolian bacterial flora is completely different from what you are used to.

During the trip you will be provided with purified drinking water, tea, coffee, and juices. The costs of those drinks will be included in the prices of the trip. Any additional drinks you will wish to buy during the trip, as well as, alcoholic beverages are NOT included in the tour price.

During the trip your support vehicles will be equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit and the two-way radio communication devices. Moreover, at least one member of the assisting personnel will be trained in first aid. An occasional herder, who consumed a little bit too much airag (fermented mare’s milk) will probably be the only annoyance. Please note that, during the trip you will be proceeding into areas with very sparse or non-existent medical care. This means that in case of emergency, providing you with a medical care may be delayed.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you the best we can, and make sure you will enjoy your experience with us. We can guarantee that with us your stay in Mongolia will become a lifetime of memories.

Here is some pictures from our previous trips. 

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