Horse trek in Naiman Lake area

– Great hiking through Chinggis Khaan’s birth place
– Great journey through most famous part of untouched Mongolia

Geared for folks who may be pressed for time but still desire a challenging adventure, this trip offers a rich taste of mountain hiking. Opportunities are plentiful for getting excellent landscape photographs as well as seeing a variety of wildlife, tundra nesting birds and capturing that elusive “once-in-a-lifetime” frame. Walking in the mountainous central Mongolia and exploring with keen eyes will reveal a rich and exciting habitat. This trip can also be designed to combine a base camp style with a possible condensed cross-country traverse to end the trip with a pick up at a different lake.

Length: 10 days
 Central Mongolia
Potential date and weather condition: from mid of June to mid of Sept, each year.
Daily mileage: 20-25 km on gently rolling terrain Total hiking distance: driving: 900 km, hiking: 140-145 km
Difficulty: moderate (The trip suitable for experienced hikers)

Day1. Elsen Tasarkhai & Khugnu Tarna National Park and Orkon Waterfall
Day2. Trekking to the Lakes region. (trekking: 28 km)
Day3. Trekking to the Lakes region. (trekking: 26 km)
Day4. Trekking around Eight Lakes. (trekking: 18 km)
Day5. Trekking around Eight Lakes. (trekking: 20 km)
Day6. Trekking back to Orkhon Waterfall. (trekking: 25 km)
Day7.  Trekking back to Orkhon Waterfall. (trekking: 25 km)
Day8. Drive back to Karakorum and
Day9. Khustai National Park
Day10. Drive to Ulaanbaatar.

Day11. Elsen Tasarkhai & Khugnu Tarna National Park and Orkhon Waterfall.

On the morning of departure we will meet at your stayed HTL or GH in UB for an orientation program that includes an examination of all your equipment, selecting and packing your food, your tent and your share of community gear. We enjoy snacks and drinks and encourage questions and conversation. We have been practicing “No Trace” camping techniques for many years. It is an important part of traveling through the fragile alpine zones we traverse. Before we reach at Karakorum, we will see picturesque sand dune Elsen Tasarkhai and Khugnu-Tarna National Park. There we will see 2 humped Gobi camels and you will have chance to ride them for a while. Our drive out are scheduled for around noon. On the way, we will pass Karakorum. But today we will not enjoy this unique ancient town and we will enjoy it when we back from the trek. After lunch time at Karakorum, we will drive to Waterfall Ulaantsutgalan, biggest one in Mongolia, edge of Khangai Mountain range. The driving in will be anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, giving us plenty of time to set up camp, get settled in and maybe get a quick hike in the River Canyon of Orkhon River in before dinner time that evening.

Day2. Trekking to the Lakes region. (trekking: 28 km)

After breakfast, we partake in a day hike outing, exploring the mountains in the immediate area. This light-duty jaunt with near empty packs helps to familiarize everyone with tundra walking and acts as a good introduction to the surface you’ll be walking over in the next six days. The scenery is absolutely stunning, peaks punch into the skyline and are reflected on the surface of the lake. You’ll be delighted to see the variety and vivid colored wildflowers growing in some sparse looking country. If we’re lucky we’ll see a wild deer and other species of antelopes. This is very rugged country and their home. We head back to camp in the early evening and have dinner. Evening strolls with your guide are relaxing.

Day3. Trekking to the Lakes region. (trekking: 26 km)

Early breakfast time, break camp, pack-up and off we go across a narrow alpine valley to a point just shy of crossing our first mountain pass. It’s a gorgeous setting at the edge of a brilliant emerald tarn, Naiman Lake. It’s always a good idea to stretch your legs without your backpack before hitting the sack.

Day4. Trekking around the Eight Lakes. (trekking: 18 km)

We head up and over a notch in the chain of mountains in front of us. The descent is tricky and we travel cautiously. At the base is a bubbly creek with delicious water and home to a few pair of Rosy finches and some beautiful wildflowers. This day we’ll make about 5 miles including two descents of 3 to 4 hundred feet each. Our camp is set up in a large bowl on the shore of another pristine lake near the crown of the mountains.

Day5. Trekking around the Eight Lakes. (trekking: 20 km)

Lazy morning, our last day in the high alpine area of the trek. We climb over a rolling ridge and head through a long pass and a slow descent into the upper “lakes” region of our route. Views of the Khangai Ranges are superb and fantastic.

Day6. Trekking back to Orkhon Waterfall. (trekking: 25 km)

Continued descent into lower lakes region. Skirting a few lakes with nesting waterfowl, there are an abundance of wildflowers and views of the lower riparian zones, 1000′ below us. It will be our first encounter with alder bushes and willows, home of the Mongolian deer.

Day7. Trekking back to Orkhon Waterfall. (trekking: 26 km)

Rolling hills with less tundra and more grassy meadows interspersed with small copses of spruce trees, again, excellent views of the Khangai Range. Last day of 5 mile hiking and reaching the terminus lake by evening.

Day8. Karakorum.

After breakfast we will drive to Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia where today there is a small local township. On arrival you will notice the first and most obvious landmark which is the massive wall of the Erdene Zuu Monastery. The monastery was built in 1586 by a well-known Mongolian king called Abtai Sain Khaan, and is surrounded by a vast 400m wall. Not a single nail was used in the construction of the ornate temples, only a few of which remain standing after the communist purges. In previous times the grounds held over 60 temples with 10,000 monks using them for their daily worship.

Day9. Khustai National Park

After breakfast time, we will drive to National Park Khustai where re-introduction of the wild takhi horses (Przhevalsky’s horses) has taken place since 1992. Takhi is last wild horse subspecies surviving in the 21st century. It was discovered in western Mongolia in the late 1870s by the Russian explorer N.M. Przhevalsky. Several expeditions since 1969 have failed to find this horse, which probably crossed with half-wild domesticated horses and lost its distinct features. Specimens have been kept and bred in zoos, and Mongolia in the late 20th century attempted to reintroduce them into the wild. The afternoon will be spent at leisure hiking in the surrounding mountains with an evening visit to the wild horses while they come to drink in the evening.

Day10. Back to Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast time, we will drive to Ulaanbaatar city and transfer you to your accommodation and end the trip.


We offer 2 options for the price. Please carefully check what is include and what is not include in the prices!

STANDARD (tourist ger camp) ARRANGEMENT

Leave All Matters With Us! First one is standard arrangement and you will stay in 3 or 4 star tourist hotels in urban area and tourist camp in rural area and will be served 3 meals in a day and use Japanese Jeep etc.

2160 USD (for on solo traveler)
1280 USD p.p (based on 2pax)
970 USD p.p (based on 3pax)
800 USD p.p (based on 4pax)
700 USD p.p (based on 5pax)
620 USD p.p (based on 6pax) Up from 6pax please see our group service

Single Supplement: 40 usd

Included: 4 nights in tourist ger camp, food service, land transportation, English speaking guide service, mineral water, all entrance fees and Government charges, all activities costs
Not included: RT domestic fight, gratuities for staffs, personal expenses, travel insurance


Save Your Money In Easy and Happy Way! About budget arrangement, it is good way to save your money. You will stay in local guest house or hostels and you will arrange your food yourself and will use Japanese minivan for driving. But you will see same things just like standard arrangement.

1510 USD (for solo traveler)
870 USD p.p (based on 2pax)
640 USD p.p (based on 3pax)
510 USD p.p (based on 4pax)
430 USD p.p (based on 5pax)
380 USD p.p (based on 6pax) Up from 6pax please see our group service

Included: 3 nights in local ger guesthouse, land transportation, English speaking guide service, mineral water, all entrance fees and Government charges, all activities costs
Not included: RT domestic flight, food service, gratuities for staffs, personal expenses, travel insurance

Child Policy: 0 – 3 years old baby free of charge, 4 – 12 years old child: 30% discount (counted as 1pax)

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Travel Gobi Mongolia Company will provide all tents and cooking equipment, including stoves, fuel, pots and pans. We provide excellent food for our guests and we understand the need for nutritious and savory meals in the back country. Special dietary needs are given full attention. Again, we distribute a detailed equipment list to each guest as soon as we receive their deposit. We do not rent equipment but have plenty of spare gear if someone should forget or misplace something of essential need. There are also shops in UB where you can purchase a lot of different hiking equipment.

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